The Fourth Doctor

Tom Baker is the Fourth Doctor, the oddball with a stupidly-long scarf holds the longest tenure in the Whoniverse.

1. Robot

2. The Ark in Space

3. The Sontaran Experiment

4. Genesis of the Daleks

5. Revenge of the Cybermen

6. Terror of the Zygons

7. Planet of Evil

8. Pyramids of Mars

9. The Android Invasion

10. The Brain of Morbius

11. The Seeds of Doom

12. The Masque of Mandragora

13. The Hand of Fear

14. The Deadly Assassin

15. The Face of Evil

16. The Robots of Death

17. The Talons of Weng-Chiang

18. Horror of Fang Rock

19. The Invisible Enemy

20. Image of the Fendahl

21. The Sun Makers

22. Underworld

23. The Invasion of Time

24. The Ribos Operation

25. The Pirate Planet

26. The Stones of Blood

27. The Androids of Tara

28. The Power of Kroll

29. The Armageddon Factor

30. Destiny of the Daleks

31. City of Death

32. The Creature from the Pit

33. Nightmare of Eden

34. The Horns of Nimon

35. The Leisure Hive

36. Meglos

37. Full Circle

38. State of Decay

39. Warriors' Gate

40. The Keeper of Traken

41. Logopolis

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