The Third Doctor

With high class and gadgetry, Jon Pertwee embodies the Third Doctor, a distinguished man who often thinkers away and is privy with machines.

1. Spearhead from Space

2. Doctor Who and the Silurians

3. The Ambassadors of Death

4. Inferno

5. Terror of the Autons

6. The Mind of Evil

7. The Claws of Axos

8. Colony in Space

9. The Daemons

10. Day of the Daleks

11. The Curse of Peladon

12. The Sea Devils

13. The Mutants

14. The Time Monster

15. The Three Doctors

16. Carnival of Monsters

17. Frontier in Space

18. Planet of the Daleks

19. The Green Death

20. The Time Warrior

21. Invasion of the Dinosaurs

22. Death to the Daleks

23. The Monster of Peladon

24. Planet of the Spiders

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